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The guest house team at the Antbear

The Antbear Guest house is about a team effort. We all love the Drakensberg and Natal Midlands and our Guest House is about our lifestyle and about us working together with our local community. We believe in sustainalble eco tourism and about reducing our ecological footprint and we have a passione to be one of the best guest house experiences in South Africa. Its about helping each other and above all sharing what we have.

Andrew & Conny

Conny and AndrewAndrew and Conny moved to the Drakensberg to step back from the hustle and bustle of their previous busy lifestyle. The now have time to grow their own vegitables and are trying to be as self sufficient as they can. It was Connys vision to move to South Africa and start the guest house. Her childhood dreams of working with animals and the idea of living on home-grown food, somehow just fitted perfectly when she discovered the Antbear. Conny spends much of her free time riding and gardening. She learned to ride on the farm and now has 9 horses which she trains using the gentler horse wisperer approaches.

Che, Velepi, Bongiwe, Thoko, Nomusa and Paulus

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Thoko is a Zulu woman who has spent her whole life right here on this farm. She knows lots about what the land has to offer, and also how to prepare delicate delights from what many might have thought just another weed. When she is not helping out in the Antbear she likes to spend her time with her husband and their three children.

Che and Velepi exchanged their lifes of picking potatoes and have leared to cook at the Antbear. And what they now produce is first class and is fit to be served almost anywhere. Its amazing when you see their entusiasm and passion to

Lindi and Nomusa live in a local Zulu village nearby. They both are still single but I doubt that will be the case for much longer.

Paulus lives in Hlatikhulu and is an arch bishop to the local area. He is also a stunning builder and when he is not to busy with godly things he earns an income here. Without him things here would not work as well.

Thulani has shown a special tallent from working with wood. Lots of the special things at the Antear are results of his hard work.

Inja, Flecki, & Lea

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Our dogs like to make friends with our guests and are very playful. They tend to take their afternoon nap in a sunny spot overlooking the valley. And why not? It seems they have understood what life is all about more than the rest of us have.

Greywing, Rain & Star

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Greywing, Rain and Star are by no means thoroughbred and as such don't come with all those complicated airs and graces that some horses have. They like to eat and that they do well, their favourites being apples and carrots mixed in with a touch of oats. Star is the foal that was born right here at the Antbear. In winter they get a nice thick coat and they know that they are somebody special. Greywing has been training Conny to ride and so far have been quite successful.

Floh & Oskar

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After spending 10 years in a Cologne city flat having never seen a real tree and certainly not a real mouse, Floh only took 10 days of adjustment and away she was - eating mice and climbing trees. We cannot imagine hrer wanting to go back to Germany any time soon. Oskar is a late arrival and has taken on Garfield to be his role model.

King Louie and his clan

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King Louie got his name for being the king of all our chickens and he knows it. He even has a Pekan duck who thinks this man is just great. His clan grace us with fresh eggs each day, and every now and again we have a whole lot more new chicks. Recently a wild spurwing goose has moved in and although he is free to come and go as he pleases seems to have become a permanent feature of Louis's clan. We think that "Spurwing" finds the social security at the Antbear just too good an option to pass up.