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Sani Pass

Once, the Sani Pass was a rough mule trail descending the Eastern Highlands of old Basutoland into Natal. Tough drovers brought wool and mohair down the Pass on donkeys and mules to be exchanged for blankets, clothing and maize meal, the essentials for life in a remote, impoverished country. And a young man had a dream ? of operating a motor vehicle service up this fantastic Pass, using the 4-wheel drive vehicles he had seen on service in World War II. His name was David Alexander and he founded this Company in 1955. It has operated on the Sani Pass ever since.

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Today the Sani Pass is the only road link between KwaZulu-Natal and the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. A 4x4 adventure into a different world - the land of the People of the Blanket. Starting at 1540m above sea level you will follow the deep valley incised by the Mkhomazana River to breast the summit at 2873m - with almost 1000m climbed in the last 8km of your trip in our 4x4 vehicles.

In summer waterfalls cascade and tumble into the river below. The green slopes that sweep upward to the base of towering basalt cliffs are dotted with the colour of our great variety of flowers and the roadside is lined with flowers. Our vast floral variety, in number of species and their traditional uses, will earn this region the coveted world herritage site status.

In winter under a cloudless sky iced falls sparkle next to the hairpin bends. This is our dry season when the early afternoon sun burnishes the dry veld to a rich gold. And there is the ever-present promise of snow.

Tours up the Sani Pass

A trip Sani Pass into Lesotho to visit the highest pub in Southern Africa is a must! It is a dramatic 4x4 trip climbing 1330 metres in 6,5 kilmoetres.

The Sani Pass is a very steep and twisting road pass that can only be driven in a four-wheel drive vehicle, quad bike, off-road motor bike - or walked, if you up to it! The pass drops (or climbs, if you are heading into Lesotho) over 800m in just under eight kilometres of length - which is an average slope of 1:10.

The pass is jointly administered by the governments of Lesotho and the Republic of South Africa. It has the Lesotho border post at its topmost point and the South African border post at its lower end and passports are required.

For visitors without a 4x4 vehicle, organised tours are taken daily from Underberg by accredited Tour operators.